Akash Brahmbhatt: The Costs Involved in Assisted Living

Akash Brahmbhatt owns and manages a top assisted living facility in his local area. Devoted to quality, round-the-clock care, compassion and attention for every senior at his facility, Brahmbhatt strives to ensure that each individual has access to the focused service and support they need to maintain the highest quality of life possible.

As Brahmbhatt knows, costs can be a big concern when it comes to selecting an assisted living facility for your loved one(s). Though there are many resources available to help make the transition a little smoother and reassuring, people still have concerns when it comes to the expenses involved, making it important to know exactly what you’re paying for when helping your loved ones live the life they deserve.

Basic Costs of Living

Assisted living costs generally include such necessary expenses as rent, maintenance and utilities, as well as the provision of 2-3 quality meals on a daily basis. These costs usually account for about a third of all assisted living expenses.

Services and Activities

Such facilities typically offer services and activates that help to enhance and enrich your loved one’s quality of life, such as dining out at restaurants, the production of game nights, exercise regimens and more.

Akash Brahmbhatt understands you want the best care possible for your loved ones, though he also knows the financial challenges that are typically involved, and that must be considered, when helping your loved ones make the move into an assisted living environment.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: Why Work in Assisted Living?

Akash Brahmbhatt strives to provide each resident within his assisted living facility a warm, comfortable and compassionate environment; one that embodies a feeling of home, and that empowers seniors with the opportunity to enjoy a great quality of life.

For those seeking considering a career in the field of assisted living, and to work in a field that provides seniors the care, support and attention they need to get the most from life, consider the following benefits:

Career Enhancement

By working in an assisted living environment, individuals pursuing a career in nursing or related field have a wonderful opportunity to obtain much-needed hands-on experience, as well as to begin to build a network of like-minded career professionals that could serve them well for years to come.


Working one-on-one with both residents and colleagues within an assisted living facility can be an amazing, even life-changing experience; one with the potential to reshape your perspective and open up your world.

Helping People

The primary benefit of working in the field of assisted care is the opportunity to provide much-needed help and support to a vulnerable population on a regular basis. There is no limit to the potential positivity and impact assisted living professionals can make in people’s lives.

Akash Brahmbhatt is dedicated to providing each resident the best in compassionate, one-on-one care and support.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: Signs A Loved One May Be Ready for Assisted Living

As the owner/operator of an assisted care living facility, Akash Brahmbhatt understands how difficult it can be to place a loved one in someone else’s care. Yet, it’s often necessary to give such a move more careful and deliberate consideration as time goes on, particularly as the individual in question shows more and more signs that a heightened level of more devoted, round-the-clock care may be necessary.

Signs that assisted living may be needed sooner than you may think include:

Noticeable, Significant Weight Changes

A noticeable and relatively fast change in weight may be a sign the senior in question may be struggling to eat or cook as they normally do; something that may be affected by growing physical or mental limitations.

Changes in Appearance

Sudden, drastic changes in the individual’s appearance, such as unexplained lapses in hygiene, changes in clothing and/or other detail-related shifts may be a sign that something is affecting the individual’s normal routine/train of thought.

Lack of Activity

If a recent drop-off in activity had occurred, something may be impeding the individual’s ability to engage in those behaviors they normally enjoy. Shifts in behavioral routine, or the gradual inability to perform those things they love to do without assistance, may be an indication that a more structured environment is needed.

Akash Brahmbhatt, the owner of a vibrant, comfortable and reputable assisted living center, knows that while transitioning a loved one to an assisted care environment may be difficult, it is often necessary in order to maintain and uphold one’s quality of life.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility

Akash Brahmbhatt understands the importance of finding the best assisted living facility for your family member in need, and he knows that taking the following into account will help you find a safe and comfortable home for your loved one:

  • Take your family member’s needs and desires into account. If your senior is a sociable person, are there multiple weekly activities that they can participate in? For travel lovers, does the facility offer regular outings to local places of interest?
  • If your family member experiences memory loss, dementia, or any illness specifically related to the mind and memory, it’s important that you seek out a facility that will keep them safe. Not all facilities are designed for such purposes or employ professionals with the proper training.
  • Consider the medical support that your loved one may need in the future, and check to see how the costs of the services will change for their projected needs. Also, while it’s important to know your budget and plan ahead, there are other options. For example, some facilities will continue covering a client through Medicaid if they run out of funds.

Akash Brahmbhatt is dedicated to providing a warm, pleasant, and loving environment for the residents at his facility, and he encourages families to ask questions and get informed.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: Helping Your Family Member Transition to Assisted Living

As the compassionate owner of an assisted living facility, Akash Brahmbhatt knows that some residents may find it more difficult to adapt to their new lives than others, and he is dedicated to helping in whatever way he can to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. He knows that the following tips may help you assist your loved one in the transition a little more easily:

  • While your family member may be challenged somewhat by the transition, do your best not to hold their hand too much. It’s important that your senior experience independence so that they can begin to build a life in their new home. If they have family visiting constantly, it will be much more difficult to participate in activities, go on outings, and make new friends.
  • Bring items that will help personalize their living space, including both new purchases and older items that they may have kept in their previous place of residence. Pictures and knick-knacks that they find meaningful will help them feel more comfortable.
  • While it’s important to let your senior build their independence in their new home, it’s also important to keep in touch consistently, whether it’s regular phone calls, a weekly visit, or even checking in with the caregivers.

Akash Brahmbhatt is devoted to helping new residents feel comfortable as quickly as possible in their new home. Read more about Akash Brahmbhatt at here: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17503380-akash-brahmbhatt

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Akash Brahmbhatt – Reasons to Seek Employment in Assisted Living

Akash Brahmbhatt is passionate about working with families to help seniors live successful and enjoyable lives. Here are few reasons to seek employment in assisted living

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Akash Brahmbhatt: How to Tell if Your Family Member Needs Assisted Living

Akash Brahmbhatt knows that the decision to place your loved one in assisted living care is a difficult decision, and it may not happen overnight. As you notice your senior beginning to struggle more in their daily lives, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs such as the following:

  • Has your family member lost or gained a lot of weight recently? Some seniors may not be able to shop or cook the way they used to and may stop putting in the effort, while others may not remember that they’ve eaten six meals in one day and need help moderating.
  • Have their appearances changed? If you have known your loved one to be somewhat persnickety about ironing their clothes, but now they typically wear stained t-shirts, they are most likely finding it difficult to dress and maintain their typical hygienic practices.
  • Does your senior take regular outings? If your loved one doesn’t go out on a regular basis anymore, it may be too difficult to engage in activities without assistance, so they end up never leaving.

As the owner of a comfortable and vibrant assisted living facility, Akash Brahmbhatt is dedicated to offering as many opportunities as possible to residents so that they may begin living their lives to the fullest again.

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