Akash Brahmbhatt :How to Find the Best Assisted Living Facility

When looking for an assisted living facility, it’s important to be picky. Whether there are many options in your area or just a few, doing thorough research before committing is essential to finding a happy, long-term home for you or your loved one.

Here are some tips to help you find the best place in your community and stay organized throughout the process.

Ask Around

There are more people in your community who are connected to assisted living facilities than you might think. People who are your age, for instance your friends or coworkers, may also have elderly parents who may already be happily living in a senior care center. Your family physician may also have a recommendation or two.

Ask people about which facilities they considered, the perceived quality of care upon visiting and the factors that ultimately helped them to make their decision.

Read Before You Go

Most assisted living facilities have websites to help you get the feel of the place before you drive out for a visit. Check the website for visiting hours so you know when you’ll be able to see your parents. Look for details on the activities they offer for residents. If your family member has any special needs, like diabetes care or specific dietary restrictions, it’s good to get an idea if they specialize in that area.

Take Notes

There can be a lot of factors that affect your decision. After visiting three different facilities, it can be easy to forget which had the best dining facility and which had the most serene garden. Akash Brahmbhatt, owner of two assisted living facilities in Texas, recommends that you write down details as you tour through each option and to ask questions along the way. When you get home after your last visit, you can reflect on your notes and weigh out pros and cons.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: The Health Benefits of Tennis

When looking for a way to stay fit or lose weight, many people dread the thought of running countless miles. However, there are a lot of other activities that have similar fitness benefits. Tennis is a great option for people who are looking to disguise working out with a fun and social game.

Here are a few ways that tennis can benefit your physical fitness level.

·    Building Stamina

If you’re not a tennis veteran, chances are you’ll miss hitting the ball pretty often. Hand eye coordination takes a great deal of practice, especially if it has always been a weak point. Don’t worry! You’ll get plenty of bonus exercise when you chase after the constantly bouncing yellow ball. As you continue to play, this chore will become easier as your stamina increases.

·    Improving Upper Body Strength

You may not notice while you’re playing, but hitting the ball with the racket can quickly build muscle in your arms, shoulders, chest and back. It can even help you build up significant strength in your abdomen. A solid core can protect you from back injuries.

·    Increasing Your Heart Rate

Running after the ball, bending over frequently to pick it up and swinging the racket are all factors in increasing your heart rate. According to National Public Radio, increasing your heart rate with as little as 72 minutes per week of exercise will help your muscles use oxygen more efficiently. With time, your body will be able to move with much less effort.

Akash Brahmbhatt, owner of a few assisted living communities in Texas, recommends that his active tenants use tennis as a way to stay healthy and agile. Anyone from 6 to 76 can enjoy the health benefits of the sport.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: How to Prevent Memory Loss As You Age

As you get older, you may notice that you are forgetting things more frequently than you used to. Memory loss may seem like an unavoidable part of aging, but there are some things you can do to slow the process.
Akash Brahmbhatt
Getting enough sleep can be a major factor in the health of your memory. Web MD states that people perform better on memory tests when they have had a good night of sleep. Even a nap can show a significant improvement in test results. Be sure you’re getting at least seven hours each night.

Organizing your room and routine can be great ways to help fight off memory loss. Make sure everything you own has a specific place and be diligent about putting things away when you’re done using them. For instance, always put your slippers next to your night stand and hang your purse on the back of your desk chair. Having an organized space can help you focus on daily activities and is also helpful in remembering where you put certain items.

Get a calendar to write down tasks and appointments. Even if a staff member from your assisted living facility or your children will be taking you to your doctor’s appointments, it’s a good idea to test your memory and see if you can recall on your own.

Another way slow memory loss is to get exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be vigorous. Even a handful of 10-minute walks through the course of a day can make a difference, according to the Mayo Clinic web site. Akash Brahmbhatt owns Caring Hands, a nursing home in Porter, Texas. He makes sure that his grounds are well manicured so residents can walk for exercise.

These simple steps are just a few ways you can keep your memory sharp. If you’re experiencing more advanced problems, speak to your doctor for additional help.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: How to Make the Most of your Assisted Living Community

Moving into an assisted living home can be an exciting time in your life. There are many opportunities to try new things and meet interesting people.

·    Make Friends

Moving into a group home can be great for your social life! You can easily find peers with similar interests. Best of all, you’ll never have to get in the car when you want to visit or have dinner together. They’ll always be a short stroll down the hall.

·    Decorate Your Room

Bring things from home or use your move as an opportunity to refresh your style. Ask a grandchild to accompany you to a home decorating store and buy a pretty set of floral curtains or a new vase for all of the fresh flowers your children will bring when they visit. An ultra-soft rug could be a welcomed reason to get out of bed each morning. With a new thick, plush bathrobe, you’ll be warm all winter long.

·    Get Active

Most assisted living homes offer community events and activities. Some of these may include gardening club, choir, bridge tournaments, bingo, theater classes and movie night. If you don’t know what yours has to offer, ask around or check to see if there is a community bulletin board.

If your facility doesn’t offer anything like this, start your own group! You could create a club where you sew quilts to donate or read to other residents with eyesight issues. Being a part of the community can be a fulfilling experience.

Akash Brahmbhatt is the owner of Caring Hands Personal Care Home. He encourages his residents to dive into the change of lifestyle and get involved in the community right away to have to best experience possible.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: Shares The Secret to Living Longer

For hundreds of years, mankind has been looking for a way to live longer. While genetics and disease play a major role in life expectancy, the secret to the Fountain of Youth may be more obvious than expected.

Akash Brahmbhatt of Spring, Texas is the owner of two assisted living homes: Silver Hills Assisted Living in Montgomery and Caring Hands Personal Care Home in Porter.

About five years ago, after working in the banking industry for the majority of his career, Akash Brahmbhatt decided it was time for a change. As an active member of his church and a frequent volunteer at foster care homes, he knew that he wanted to make a living by helping other people. He soon made that dream come true and purchased his first assisted living facility.

What is the secret to keeping over 60 senior citizens living long, healthy lives? The simple answer may surprise you:
According to Express, a daily 25-minute brisk walk can extend your life up to seven additional years. It can improve cognitive function and ward off dementia and depression. It may even keep you looking younger.

It was also found that women who walked at 3 miles per hour or more were 90 percent less likely to have a heart attack, diabetes, kidney disease, pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s disease and other chronic conditions than women who didn’t stress pace, according to a study published on National Public Radio’s website.

Akash Brahmbhatt has devoted his life to caring for senior citizens. Silver Hills was awarded Home of the Year by the Texas Organization of Residential Homes and it was voted Best Assisted Living in Montgomery County by the Courier Newspaper. But recognition is just a bonus to him; his most important goal is to keep residents happy and healthy during their stay.

Both of Brahmbhatt’s facilities offer plenty of outdoor space for residents to roam. The beautiful landscaping, fresh air and friendly staff encourage seniors to keep their sneakers moving as they enjoy the path to a long life.

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Akash Brahmbhatt Looks to Expand his Business

Akash Brahmbhatt is the owner of two assisted living facilities in Texas. One is located in Montgomery and the other is in Porter. He is passionate about the work that he does at his homes and hopes to open more in the future. Akash Brahmbhatt is considering expanding his business to other parts of Texas as well as Pennsylvania. He looks forward to helping new residents find a comfortable home.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: Play his Favorite Sports

Akash Brahmbhatt, a Texas local, is occupied with various games. Ball, football and tennis all rank at the highest priority on his rundown. He enjoys going to diversions and matches with his youngsters. Akash Brahmbhatt feels that he is lucky to live in the warm city of Spring, Texas because he can enjoy playing his favorite sports in his yard any time of the year.

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