Akash Brahmbhatt – Co-Owner Silver Hills Assisted Living

Akash Brahmbhatt and his wife got into the senior health care business in 2013, and say that it has been a life-changing experience. They are the owners of Silver Hills Assisted Living and the Caring Hands Personal Care Home, both of them in Texas. For their commitment to excellence, they were awarded the #1 Assisted Living Homes Award by the Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes.

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About Akash Brahmbhatt

Akash Brahmbhatt says that to run a truly successful business you need to have the organizational skills to break up each task into tasks that are far easier to complete. Over the years he has learned much about the business, and has now begun to focus on the future of the industry. He says that elderly care is a hotly debated topic in America, and that they are currently experience much reform. In this regard his facility is ahead of the curve, constantly remaining vigilant to keep the facility up to date in all aspects. Akash says that the next step is going green in assisted living.
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