A Brief History of Basketball by Akash Brahmbhatt

Basketball is a game that nearly everyone recognizes today, but is a sport with a much shorter history than most others. While soccer and tennis date all the way back to BC, basketball was invented in 1891 in Massachusetts by a Canadian P.E. teacher named James Naismith. He invented this sport as a way to play a competitive game without causing as many injuries as games like football and soccer.

This game officially came about quickly in comparison to other games. While it started off in America, it quickly spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the world. Basketball was originally created as a way to keep young athletes in shape when it was too cold outside. The first game had peach-colored baskets and a ball that resembled a soccer ball. James Naismith would invent and publish thirteen rules for the game. He would then divide his class into two teams of nine players. The original objective of the game was to throw the basketball into fruit baskets that were nailed to the balcony of the gym.

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The original game of basketball was much different from the one we know today. In the original game you were not even allowed to dribble. In order to move the ball down the court players had to pass it from person to person, as you were unable to move once you had possession of the ball. While the original rules were somewhat crude and unclear, it did give the general idea that it discouraged rough housing or physical contact in general.

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