Learn about the Origin & History of Tennis with Akash Brahmbhatt

According to Akash Brahmbhat, tennis has been around in many different forms throughout the history of mankind, so some debate has been going on as to how the modern game came about. One of the first forms of tennis came about in the Medieval era, and was referred to as “real tennis”. This sport was the result of three hundred years of growth and evolution from a game played in France during the 12th century which involved hitting a ball with a bare hand or a glove off of a wall. By the time the 16th century rolled around, that glove transformed into a racquet, the arena became a well-drawn out playing area, and the rules became clear and standardized.

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Tennis has even had a profound influence on the history of a king’s reign. In the 1400s tennis lead to the indirect death of King James of Scotland. This happened when the unfortunate king tried to escape through a drain outlet when he was being chased by assassins. The route had previously been blocked to stop from losing tennis balls, which ended up getting the king killed.

Tennis was a huge hit in Europe by the time it reached the 16th century, even enlisting the interest of kings. Henry the 5th and Henry the 8th played the game so much that they built a court for the game. Tennis would then be played among the nobility of the time for many years in France, Spain, Italy, and England. It wouldn’t take long until soon the sport became accessible to everyone in every income bracket, further increasing the popularity.

Akash Brahmbhatt is a tennis enthusiast and player who has always had an interest in the game.


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