Akash Brahmbhatt – Loves the American Football

American football is a sport that has found a home in the heart of people all across the world. The Super Bowl for instance is one of the most viewed sports spectacles in the entire world. We can in large part give credit to Walter Camp for giving us such an engaging and entertaining game.

Often referred to as the father of American football, Walter Camp is considered to be the most important influencer in developing the modern day game. When he was just a child, he did very well in sports such as track, baseball, and soccer. He was so good in fact, that he earned varsity honors at Yale for every sport that he participated in. It was at Yale that his burgeoning love and passion for football would truly unfold. He was not satisfied with the current rules of the game, as it seemed more like a disorganized mob of ruffians than an established team or professionals. So it was Camp who proposed a rule change, reducing the fifteen players for each side to eleven. It was first rejected, but later accepted when they realized the logic of this.

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One of the most noteworthy contributions that Camp made to the sport was the concept of the line of scrimmage. This changed the game entirely. What Camp thought would lead to higher scoring games thanks to the line of scrimmage, instead resulted in very slow and control oriented games. It was this that made him come up with the concept that you had to go a certain distance in a certain number of plays in order to keep the ball. This made football what it is today.

Akash Brahmbhatt is a professional business owner who also loves the game of American football.


About Akash Brahmbhatt

Akash Brahmbhatt says that to run a truly successful business you need to have the organizational skills to break up each task into tasks that are far easier to complete. Over the years he has learned much about the business, and has now begun to focus on the future of the industry. He says that elderly care is a hotly debated topic in America, and that they are currently experience much reform. In this regard his facility is ahead of the curve, constantly remaining vigilant to keep the facility up to date in all aspects. Akash says that the next step is going green in assisted living.
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