Akash Brahmbhatt’s Skilled Staff Provide a Myriad of Services

Akash Brahmbhatt owns and manages Silver Hills Assisted Living in Montgomery, Texas.  Services provided in assisted living may include household chores like the changing of sheets, laundry help, meals cooked and served and apartment cleaning.  Assisted living may also provide the management of medication, assistance with bathing, dressing, toilet care and escorts to meal and activity areas.

Akash Brahmbhatt assures that Silver Hills is compliant with the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  For more details visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akashbrahmbhatt

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Akash Brahmbhatt and Wife Devangi Provide Compassionate Care

Akash Brahmbhatt Eight of the residents of Silver Hills Assisted Living in Montgomery, Texas are abandoned, with no family or friends from the outside world. Owner and new manager Akash Brahmbhatt and his wife Devangi give these souls their complete attention, hiring beauticians for haircuts and providing clothing and shoes to keep them well dressed.

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Akash Brahmbhatt Lauded by Resident’s Husband for Superior Care

Positive observations regarding the changed atmosphere at Silver Hills Assisted Living include those of Frank Parma, whose wife is a long-time resident at the facility.  Parma was impressed with the friendliness of Akash Brahmbhatt, who sought him out to discuss his ownership of the facility and what it might mean for the residents and their families.  Brahmbhatt explained his goals for the facility and his plans for a more positive atmosphere.  He assured Parma that he wanted to have a staff which reflected his own philosophy toward elderly care and to show his sincerity, Parma soon observed the staff turnover which took place to change the environment to a family-oriented one.  From personal attention to special events and the creation of a new Silver Hills website, Parma feels that Brahmbhatt is bringing compassion and a new energy to the lives of his residents at Silver Hills.

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The Stephen Minister Leader at First United Methodist Church of Conroe, Texas, Gillian Chadwick has also attested to the many positive changes which have been wrought at Silver Hills Assisted Living since the advent of owner Akash Brahmbhatt in 2013.  Minister Chadwick was appalled at the conditions at Silver Hills when she first visited on Christmas Eve of 2010.  Cold, dirty and silent, Silver Hills and its staff seemed unaware of the holiday.  Residents were silent in their rooms and the air of depression and hopelessness was pervasive.

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Akash Brahmbhatt Praised by Local Minister Gillian Chadwick

Minister Gillian Chadwick was given permission by prior owners of Silver Hills Assisted Living in Montgomery, Texas to begin a “Cupcake Ministry” at Silver Hills, with First United Methodist parishioners visiting each month bringing cookies, cupcakes and good cheer while serving communion to residents.

Since Akash Brahmbhatt and his family have come to Silver Hills, Minister Chadwick’s is not the only light of good cheer to enter the doors.  Silver Hills Assisted Living, under Brahmbhatt’s new management, has entered an era of refurbishment and brightening.  Brahmbhatt has painted the dingy interiors and repaired broken plumbing and infrastructure.  He has replaced furniture and flooring to restore cleanliness and modernity, while the kitchens at Silver Hills have undergone a thorough cleaning and sanitation program.  New gardens have given a fresh, inviting look to the exteriors of Silver Hills, benefiting the residents’ forays into nature.  Combined with new menus and a staff with a compassionate, bright outlook, Silver Hills Assisted Living has undergone such a transformation in its surroundings and its residents that it has been awarded the #1 Assisted Living Homes Award by the Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes.

Minister Gillian Chadwick of the First United Methodist Church is even more impressed with the changes in the residents of Silver Hills Assisted Living since Akash Brahmbhatt took over the facility in 2013.  Chadwick has watched the residents transform from sadness and sickness to happy, contented and clean human beings.

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Father Picard Recognized Positive Changes to Facility Under Akash Brahmbhatt

Assisted Living owner and manager Akash Brahmbhatt in Montgomery, Texas gives personal attention and care to his residents in a smaller setting which fosters intimacy.  The living spaces at Silver Hills Assisted Living more closely resemble dormitory rooms, with some sharing bathrooms with the room next door.

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Akash Brahmbhatt Provides Quality Care While Implementing Cost Savings

Akash Brahmbhatt is a concerned and compassionate businessman who has combined his caring nature with a wit and alacrity for successful business investment.  The result is an entrepreneur who has found his niche as the Corporate Executive Officer of his own assisted living centers.  In this newly acquired facility Brahmbhatt has made changes in environment, services and personnel to reflect his own approach to the loving care of those in the twilight of their lives.

Letters of recommendation for Mr. Akash Brahmbhatt are full of praise for the positive changes which have been wrought in his care facility, dubbed Silver Hills Assisted Living.   Brahmbhatt brought his considerable business experience to bear in organizing the services and business approach of Silver Hills to affect significant cost savings in the running of the facility.  These cost savings have purportedly been accomplished while retaining and even improving the quality of care at Silver Hills.  Akash Brahmbhatt was dissatisfied with the attitude and approach of some principal care givers at the facility when he became familiar with the daily activities in the facility and made personnel changes which have affected the atmosphere and living environment.  Those who live at Silver Hills and their families feel that these changes have made for a happier and safer daily life for the residents.

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Akash Brahmbhatt: Hiring the Right People

As the owner of a well-known and highly-touted local assisted living facility, Akash Brahmbhatt understands the importance of working with and securing the right people. In an environment where attention to detail, communication and caring about what you do really matter, it’s crucial to have the best people in place in each position. In an assisted living situation, people’s livelihoods, and lives, depend on a dedicated, high-quality staff devoted to what they’re doing.

Hiring the right people, as Akash Brahmbhatt knows, is important, though vetting and securing the right professionals for the job isn’t always the easiest process to undertake. There are steps, however, that can make it a bit easier to locate and hire the best possible individual for the job. These include:

Identifying What the Right Person Looks Like

Taking some time to identify those attributes you need most in hire beforehand can help you better narrow the field.

Getting Existing Employees Involved in the Process

When seeking someone to fill a position, it doesn’t hurt to gather and consider the input of your existing team beforehand, as well as during the vetting process. Often times it’s your current employees who best understand what your company needs to be successful.

Not Rushing the Process

The tendency to rush through the hiring process is always there, as employers often decide they need someone right away in order to ensure efficient operation. It’s important, however, to be careful and deliberate when seeking a new hire.

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